FHA 203k Mortgage Loan Benefits And Advantages

Posted on June 20th, 2013

FHA 203k Mortgage Loan Benefits And Advantages

FHA 203k Mortgage Loan Benefits And Advantages

The FHA 203k loan isn't a mystery anymore. This loan that has been limited with information until recently can offer you a lot of different ways to save money and help people buy, rehab, renovate, and redo homes in the community that might need some work. Rather than forcing people to buy new or not at all, this program was developed to encourage people to buy a home that might fail a typical loan inspection because they can help the community and help themselves by getting better deals on a mortgage loan. The government initiative is designed to improve the communities around the country that have been affected by the mortgage crisis, and this lending solution has a lot of benefits for the people who want it.

Low Incomes And Less Than Perfect Credit Welcome

This lending program was designed specifically to help people who might not be able to buy a home otherwise. It can give them the tools that they need to become a home owner and do something to help the community, which is definitely going to give people a sense of pride. There are still income requirements and debt-to-ratio limits, as well as credit score requirements, but those are much lower and more flexible than people expect.

The entire goal is to get these houses back into living condition instead of leaving them unattended and unappealing to clog up today's cities and towns. Most lenders require a 620 credit score for an FHA 203k loan, but that varies and might be lower or higher depending on where you go. Remember that this is a big risk for creditors and therefore, it's something that you have to be prepared for and know what you are getting into. It is more flexible than most lending solutions, but there are still rules to follow and things to learn about your new lending opportunity.

It Works For Investors If You're Careful

Everybody is envious of those people who have enough spare cash just laying around to go out and buy distressed homes, fix them, and then sell them to someone else for profit. This is a hard thing to come by and it limits the investing market significantly. Even though the FHA 203k loan is for primary residence borrowing, the rules only state that you have to be a residence of the property for one calendar year from the date of closing. It's not going to be as quick and easy as other investments you might have made, but it can be an opportunity for a longer-term solution and give you the tools to invest when you feel like you can't any other way.

These loans can be used for single family homes, multi-family homes, some condos, and even multi-use buildings provided that the home area is being renovated or repaired. This makes it easy for people with an investment mindset to find the best potential deals in their area and get more out of their purchase with an FHA 203k loan, no matter what they have in mind.

A Few More Favorite Things

This loan is really the best deal that you are going to find for home ownership right now. It offers low, fixed interest, low closing costs and down payments, and so many different benefits as a homeowner. You can get everything repaired that you need and guarantee that it's done right because you have to use licensed professionals. Plus, it allows people to refinance their existing homes for repairs with a loan that's easier than a traditional refinance mortgage. There is a lot that you can do with a loan like this and it's definitely going to help get the housing market back on track. Talk to an FHA 203K consultant and see what you can find out, as well as whether this is a good idea for you, because if it is you will benefit in more ways than you can imagine. Buying a home has never worked so much in your favor.

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